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This is 21C Grace Lee Beauty Line in Seoul, South Korea.


The training contents to be introduced here are '21C Academy's Medical Skin Care System.'


In 21C Grace Lee Beauty Line Academy, we introduce the latest skin care system. You can learn skin care with a professional and systematic curriculum that combines Korea, American and German medical skin care systems.



(Student from USA to learn Korean skin care system) 


(Students from the Philippines who is practicing on a mannequin)

Skin care is the most basic area in beauty, so you must know, because skin care can be applied to your field to enhance its value.


The ‘Medical skin care system’ is a course to learn the dermatology skin care system. It consists of basic management methods to advanced management methods.


(Student from Beijing, China who are practicing using the mask pack)

(Skin care using device)

Even if you do not basic knowledge, you will understand skin because you teach it step by step from theory education.
You can systematically learn from the basics to the professional know-how.

(Basic skin care technique training with students from Canada)

You will learn how to use Korean products and foreign salon products that are used in dermatology according to the type of skin, and practice the effects and methods of skin care devices directly.

(Facial cleansing training with student from Herbin, China)

We have various of products and machines. The students can learn various experiences and learn more professionally.

So you can use it immediately in the aesthetics field.

(Abdominal management education with student from Shenzhen, China) 

(Skin care using device)

Many students come from various countries such as USA, Canada, China, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe to receive Korean beauty know-how.

(Student from Canada who are in skin care training)

The reaction of foreign students including Korean students is very good!

(Student from Shanghai, China)

One student received skin care training in the UK. However, she visited the 21C Academy to learn Korean system again. After learning, she was amazed and very satisfied with a more systematic education system than England.

(Students who have been educated in the UK)

It can be effective sooner than general skin care and it is effective because it is a dermatology skin care system.
Also another student came to the introduction of a 21C graduate and learned a medical skin care course.

(Student from Beiging, China who are practicing using the device. She came to the introduction of the graduate.)

Regular skin care methods are slow and require long-term care, but this method allows you to see instantly changing skin, within a short period of time you will see a skin that is getting younger.

(Skin care using LED light)

(Skin care using device)

It can be applied to all areas from head to toe, and can be applied to all skin types. Skin elasticity, skin tone improvement, deep wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, scars, sensitive skin, regardless of age can be managed.

(Facial management training with student from Canada)

In addition, the 21C Academy specifically trains German-style medical skin care.

(High quality medical skin care education)

This medical skin care is beyond merely skin care and has the merit.

(Medical skin care training with student from Canada)

Simple and professional system is already popular in Europe and America.

(Special facial skin care using red LED light)

With this medical skin care, you can make semi-permanent make-up, medical micropigmentation, waxing, hair, scalp care, eyelash growth technique, etc. to make high quality contents.

(Special facial skin care using blue LED light)

This course also be taught with a medical skin care course.

Do you want a professional skin care system?

21C academy skin care training to grow your business.

Join the 21C Grace Lee Beauty Line's medical skin care education system!





Preparation for certificate

Dermatology skin care system

Korean products and device

Medical skin care

US, German systemic skin care

Care for before and after childbirth

Detox care

Body shape care


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