Lash lifting 1-day class with student from Dubai.







"Learning how to lash lifting with 21C Grace lee beauty line"

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It's a differentiated technique that customers feel and recognize right away with upgraded high-quality technique than conventional eyelash lift!


Lash lifting theory education


We had a eyelash lifting 1-day class with a student from Dubai.

We did our best to educate them!:)


Demonstration of lecturer's lash lift 


We're teaching using self-edited textbook. 

Whenever the material or technology of the eyelash perm are upgraded, the contents of the textbooks are updated and renewed. 

It's not just a brief introduction to technology like a seminar.



Person eyelashes can be difficult to do right away, so they've done some practice on the mannequin first. 

Eyelashes are so fragile that it is important to lift them without damaging them one by one. 




Thick and stiff, thin, soft, curly, struck, etc. 

We will theach you that you can do various styles of eyelashes.







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